International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA)


Founded in 2001, the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) is the global network of national arts funding agencies, dedicated to improving good practice in arts and cultural policy development, arts funding, audience development and public access to the arts.

IFACCA is an independent, international non-government organisation. Its mission is to improve the capacity and effectiveness of government arts funding agencies to benefit society through networking, advocacy and research.

It aims to do this by:

  • improving access to knowledge about good practices in public support for the arts and culture
  • convening international forums to address key concerns
  • improving the management and sharing of information and ideas
  • brokering joint-commissioning of resources, research and analysis
  • facilitating networking and brokering of collaborative projects
  • promoting awareness of the role of the Federation
  • developing resources to assist national arts agencies to advocate the benefit of the arts to the community
  • stimulating dialogue about the impact of the arts and the relationship between the arts and other arenas of public policy
  • ensuring effective communications with members and best practice in corporate governance

IFACCA has presented six World Summits on Arts and Culture (2000 Canada, 2003 Singapore, 2006 England, 2009 South Africa, 2011 Australia and 2014 Chile).

The World Summits provide a platform for national arts agencies active in the arts support sector to discuss and exchange experiences, strategies and ideas about key issues affecting public support for artists and the arts at a national and global level. For more information about the 6th World Summit on Arts and Culture, held in Santiago de Chile from 13-16 January 2014, see

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