Interarts Foundation


The Interarts Foundation aims to develop a better knowledge of the cultural sector, its public policy-making, its private sector initiatives, and its contribution to other areas of urban, regional and international development. A Cultural Think Tank and an Observatory for Cultural Policies, Interarts is particularly concerned to combine its research activity with international cooperation to foster cultural dialogue and the exchange of expertise, and with devising strategies for creative cities and cultural entrepreneurs.

Originally conceived as the first European Observatory of Urban and Regional Cultural Policies under the auspices of the Council of Europe in the early 1990s, Interarts was eventually established in 1995 as an independent association, through an agreement between Catalan authorities, the Council of Europe and international partners. Now a foundation with its headquarters in Barcelona and an office in Brussels, Interarts combines the advantages of a versatile independent body with a strong international presence and commitment to the public domain.

Interarts provides services that range from the provision of policy advice to public institutions and private entrepreneurs from the cultural sector, over the stimulation of international cultural cooperation through networks, agents and civil society, to a rigorously applied research in fields such as Cultural Rights, Culture and Socio-Economy, or Cultural Governance.


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