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Fondazione Fitzcarraldo is the leading Italian centre on cultural, arts and media management and policies, based in Turin, Italy, and active worldwide since many years. It is an operative foundation focused on groundbreaking approaches in planning, research, consulting, training and documentation of activities and projects, at the service of all those who create, practice, take part in, produce, promote and support the arts and culture. Fitzcarraldo is actively involved in different cultural networks and pursues a policy of agreements and synergies with local, regional, national and international partners, public as well as private. Its work is based on a combination of research and training, which are supported by a Resource and Documentation Centre and a New media unit.


Fitzcarraldo has a strong tradition of independent research, often carried out in collaboration with national and international bodies. Some of the analysed issues are creativity, artistic-cultural production, and cultural consumption.

As member of the Stakeholder Forum, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo took actively part in the development of the LabforCulture - Laboratory of European Cultural Cooperation a project - initiated and led by the European Cultural Foundation - which aims to become the central point of reference for European cultural cooperation.

Fondazione Fitzcarraldo is also founding member and the operative centre of the Cultural Observatory of Piedmont (OCP). The OCP monitors arts and culture activities, cultural heritage, museums and creative industries at regional level in order to provide a month-by-month analysis of the main variables and short-term trends.


Fondazione Fitzcarraldo designs and organises training activities in "management of cultural organisations". The offer ranges from lifelong training to post graduate courses and to initial training and is addressed to the regional, national and international market.

Courses, seminars and conferences are offered to operators of the cultural sector interested in acquiring updated tools and knowledge for better managing their organisations. Fondazione Fitzcarraldo furthermore organises on behalf of Regione Piemonte training and updating in-service activities for performing arts, museum and cultural heritage professionals employed by the region.


The Documentation Centre provides information and documentation on arts management, economic aspects and cultural policies for use by operators in this sector, researchers and students. It counts more than 6,200 titles and operates through a network of collaborative agreements with other libraries and documentation centres at local, national and international level.

It is also co-promoter of Resources for Cultural Policy in Europe (RECAP), an international network of documentation centres on cultural policies.

New Media:

This unit operates as innovative agent for the other departments of Fitzcarraldo and contributes to the identification and satisfaction of new needs and markets.

It plans a range of innovative services and products and experiments and supplies Fitzcarraldo with new approaches, methodologies and solutions by developing specific tools and interfaces that facilitate the transmission of complex contents and the automation of their publication, the centralisation and elaboration of data.

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