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The Felix Meritis Foundation is an independent European centre for art, culture and science and a national and international meeting place in Amsterdam. It conducts a public European cultural dialogue with individuals in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and further afield and take part in national and international cultural networks.

The Foundation develops many activities in the field of culture and sciences, either independently or in partnership. For example: 

  • The Night of the Constitutional State: writers, journalists, politicians, jurists and the audience debated about the future of the constitutional state.
  • The Night of Philosophy: a wide variety of philosophers will participate in debates, give lectures and will be interviewed.
  • The City: a multifunctional public venue in Belgrado for a free exchange of ideas and approaches to the development of future culture and social life.
  • A Soul for Europe: the goal of the initiative is to see Europe use its cultural as a strategic factor in Europe's development – at local, regional and national levels as well as at the level of central European institutions.
  • Gulliver Connect: a mobility programme through work placements for young and up-coming artists, art managers and cultural operators in Europe.
  • Café Foreign Affairs: a serial of informal meetings on topical issues related to international cultural policy.

Felix Meritis cooperates with such partners as the Caucasus Foundation (Tbilisi), Cultural Front (Beograd), Kuhnya (Novosibirsk), KulturKontakt (Vienna), Red House (Sofia) and the Conference for European Cultural Policy (Berlin), European House for Cultures (Brussels), SICA, the Month of Philosophy Foundation und the Globalisation Lecture Foundation.

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