European Foundation Centre (EFC)


Established in 1989, the European Foundation Centre (EFC) is an international membership association of foundations and corporate funders. In 23 years our membership has grown steadily from an initial group of 7 founding members to 231.

The mission of EFC is to strengthen the independent funding element of European philanthropy through robust cooperation with an array of partners.

Vision of EFC

A resilient infrastructure from which European philanthropy – with its unique embrace of innovation, dynamism and cooperation – can advance the public good in Europe and beyond.

To achieve its aims, the EFC works in four strategic areas:

  • Advocacy and monitoring
  • advocating at the EU level as the sector continues to push for a verdict on the long overdue European Foundation Statute
  • preventing and blocking potentially harmful EU legislation, particularly related to counterterrorism measures that fails to consider the nature and activities of independent funders
  • making the case for much needed tax concessions, while clearly communicating the benefits such measures would bring directly to the lives of citizens

Professional development

  • convincing foundations of the importance of investing in human resources, similar to the nurturing and development of any other asset
  • organising trainings and exchanges emphasising effectiveness, specifically forging new partnerships with institutions that can provide official accreditation
  • ensuring that the Principles of Good Practice are upheld through the creation of standards and benchmarks that encourage transparency as well as measurable and evaluable practices

Europeanising GrantCraft: introducing guides and new training materials which encourage the subtle sharing of practice-based knowledge

Resource Centre

  • implementing a more strategic approach to communications, particularly through an improved relationship with the media to reach a wider audience
  • sharing the important stories and experiences of European foundations through EFFECT magazine, publications, the website and other new technologies
  • reinforcing the branding of the Centre and its affiliated thematic networks, with a view to making the EFC a recognisable and trusted brand

Thematic networks

  • convening both diverse and like-minded funders through thematic networks and events, allowing the Centre to identify trends, issues and concerns, and to speak credibly on behalf of the sector
  • creating the Foundation Council of Europe: bringing together Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe (DAFNE) and the EFC in a new governance arrangement that will represent 5,000+ major European foundations and be a powerful advocacy tool
  • introducing the Autumn Assembly, an exclusive and content-driven event, complementing the successful and established Annual General Assembly and Conference
  • establishing Foundation House: the operational base and go-to place for foundations to convene and test partnerships
  • exploration of joint projects for EFC members

Periodical Publications 

  • Effect magazine (twice per year)
  • De Facto eNewsletter (monthly)
  • Annual report and financial statement (yearly)
  • other publications
European Foundation Centre (EFC)


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