European Council of Artists (ECA)


The ECA works for the interests of the professional artists in Europe – artists, writers and performers – and for cooperation between them. Its founding must be viewed in the light of the profound political, social, economic and technological developments currently taking place in Europe.

The framework of European cooperation has been set up in order to create a visible interdisciplinary presence for the professional artists and their organisations within the European arena, and to monitor changes in administration, financial matters, social practices and technology affecting the situation of professional artists.

The activities of the ECA are:

  • to communicate with and influence European policies of concern to artists, and to secure close mutual relations to the political institutions of Europe such as the EU, the council of Europe, UNESCO and other relevant organisations
  • to cooperate with political decision-makers in Europe and with organisations representing the professional artists of Europe
  • to organise conferences, seminars and round-table discussions on issues crucial to the future cultural development in Europe, to the position of the artists and to other matters relating to creative work
  • to ensure the cooperation of all European artists through the mutual exchange of relevant information on matters of policy concerning artists in the European countries
  • to contribute to a greater political and public recognition of professional artists and their part in the future development of Europe, thereby strengthening the official position of the artists in Europe

The ECA is an effective forum for dialogue between professional artists, their representatives and the political decision-makers on a European level. Its members are interdisciplinary artists' councils and artists' organisations from 28 European countries.

Periodical Publications

ECA has published a number of reports.

European Council of Artists (ECA)


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