EUCLID International


EUCLID has been working in a European and international context since 1993 and supports cultural development across the world through cultural information services, seminars and forums, research and consulting.

The following are some operations of EUCLID’s international work in the past few years:

  • various research for the European Parliament and the European Commission
  • extensive work in central and eastern Europe
  • cultural research
  • presentations at international conferences and seminars across Europe, and in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America

Further activities:

  • consultancy, advisory and research services to identify and communicate with key contacts across the world
  • uncover information and identify opportunities across the world, to help developments in organisation or in a geographical location or a cultural area
  • presentations & seminars on all aspects of EU funding
  • advice & guidance on developing specific projects & applications for EU funding

EUCLID offers with Culture.Info / Connexus an information service to share international news and information – members can share news of their activities and events – and let the world know that, for example, they are looking for partners or people to work with, or that members have just published information or a report relevant to those who are also interested in international news, developments and resources.

EUCLID International


EUCLID International
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