The ERICarts-Institute (European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research) is an independent, trans-national body. It conducts comparative research and monitoring in all cultural domains, including but not limited to developments in fields such as cultural policies, the state of arts professions, culture industries and the media, arts and heritage management and arts education. In addition, the Institute encourages cultural and scientific dialogues in Europe and around the world, through publications, internet services, conferences and other events.

The ERICarts-Institute is committed to:

  • facilitating sustainable co-operation in the field of comparative cultural research
  • developing reliable empirical tools and improved documentation resources for cultural research, in general, and policy making for the arts and media, in particular
  • ensuring consideration of cultural dimensions in diverse fields and policy areas such as social affairs, employment, competition, media, new technologies, education, foreign policy or agriculture
  • implementing universal principles such as diversity, transparency and equality in the cultural sphere

The ERICarts-Institute co-operates closely with the European Association of Cultural Researchers e.V. and its members. In addition, project work and planning, theoretical reflection as well as the development of methods and empirical indicators rely on a decentralised network of partners and specialists from more than 40 European countries and around the world (such as inter-governmental bodies, universities, governmental and non-governmental organisations and arts and media practitioners). The Institute has representation in or links with major scientific associations and cultural networks such as ACE, CIRCLE, ELIA or ENCATC.



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