Danish Cultural Institute


The Danish Cultural Institute promotes cultural exchanges, informs about Denmark and supports projects that aim at long-term cooperation between foreign and Danish cultural institutions, artists and other professionals. The key words of all these arrangements are exchange, dialogue and mutual inspiration.

The Danish Cultural Institute organises:

  • concerts with Danish soloists and ensembles abroad
  • exhibitions with Danish artists and informative exhibitions with subjects such as Danish architecture, education and social conditions
  • theatre, film and dance
  • conferences and seminars about culture or social studies – both in Denmark and abroad
  • study tours to and from Denmark
  • Job-Swop – an international exchange and in-service programme for employees within the areas of education, culture and health, where the participants get an idea of each other's professional and cultural everyday life
  • courses in Danish

The activities of the Danish Cultural Institute are coordinated through the head office in Copenhagen and branch offices in Benelux, Brazil, China, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and the United Kingdom.

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