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The Centre Tricontinental Centre (CETRI) is as a nongovernmental organisation a centre for studies, publications, documentation and education on the development of North-South relations. Its aim is to promote understanding of the perspectives of the South and to contribute to critical analysis of the dominant concepts and practices in development in a period of neoliberal globalisation. It is particularly supportive of understanding and discussing the role of social and political actors in the South who are fighting for the recognition of social, political, cultural and environmental rights. The main subjects over the past few years have been the role of social movements, the dynamics of the anti-globalisation movement, the evolution of democracy in Latin America, the scope of social and political alternatives, the rationales and consequences of structural changes, and development aid.

The documentation centre of CETRI conveys analytical and critical points of view from the South to the North concerning the trends, actors and effects of the dominant model of development. It has over 300 journals, most of which are published in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The main issues are:

The socio-economic and political realities in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Problems of economic and social development and development cooperation.

Social movements in the South and social and political struggles within these countries, North-South relations, globalisation.

Alongside this, CETRI carries out various studies and research projects, prepares teaching manuals, organises training sessions and holds conferences on specific topics of interest.

The network SUDOC brings together nongovernmental organisations (NGOs):

SUDOC aims at giving the public easy and broad access to specialised and updated documentation on development, cooperation, realities in the South and North-South relations.

CETRI carries out most of its work within the framework of a network of institutes, study centres, NGOs and partner movements in Latin America, Africa and Asia. It is especially active in the International Council of the World Social Forum.

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