Centre International de Formation Européenne (CIFE)


Established in 1954, CIFE is a private non-profit making international organisation which includes several European studies courses as well as conferences, seminars and publications.

The programmes of the CIFE encompass educational and research activities concerning European unification, world unification, federalism, regionalism and changes within the structures of contemporary society in accordance with a federalist prospective.

CIFE receives the support of the European Union and other international organisations, of numerous national governments as well as regional and local authorities, foundations, and private contributors.

Activities of CIFE:

  • University sessions – CIFE and its member institutions organise each year annual graduate and post-graduate programmes as well as Internet courses, evening courses and summer sessions, which bring together students of all nationalities.
  • Seminars, conferences and colloquiums – CIFE organises each year in various European countries seminars intended for different socio-professional groups and lecturers, covering the whole spectrum of issues raised by the process of European integration.
  • Several conferences also take place every year for academics, politicians, company executives and international experts.
  • Finally, upon request and in addition to its own public lectures held in various European cities, the CIFE may also provide speakers to associations, youth movements, high school, etc.

Periodical Publications 

Centre International de Formation Européenne (CIFE)


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