BalkanKult Foundation


The BalkanKult Foundation Fund has been established for the support of cultural production and cultural life in the Balkan region, as well as connecting the region with other parts of Europe and the world.

The Balkan Cultural Foundation will give much more than support of concrete projects. One of the main strategic objectives is the establishment of long-term contacts and creation of opportunities for developing cultural life in a common, joint artistic or wider cultural space. The main aim is to provide, maintain and ensure access to a favourable environment for cultural diversity and the building of "cultural bridges". It is thus necessary that all projects that it will support contain within their framework elements of "good practice", i.e. are strong examples that create a so-called "snowball effect".

Goals of the fund are as follows:

  • support of cultural diversity
  • development of creative industries
  • enlargement of cultural market
  • exchange of information in the field of culture
  • promotion of international cultural cooperation

For the accomplishment of its goals, the fund will realize the projects and in other ways support:

  • research-development activities with the view of the development of Balkan
  • cultural cooperation and cultural production
  • organisation of expert meetings, lectures, seminars, discussions and visits, as well as cultural and economic manifestations
  • mobility of people, ideas and works
  • issuing publications, scientific magazines
  • film, video, CD and DVD recording and production
BalkanKult Foundation


Balkankult Foundation
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