Where the cultural sector stands

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Photo by Garrett Sears on Unsplash

Photo by Garrett Sears on Unsplash

UNESCO General Director Audrey Azoulay and Sweden's minster for culture and democracy, Karin Strandås, introduced yesterday in Paris the 2018 Global Report. Entitled "Re|Shaping Cultural Policies: Advancing creativity for development", it analyses progress achieved in the implementation of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions from 2005. Despite progress in cultural policies and the diversity of cultural content, the authors also list deficits.

One is increased attacks on artists. The group mostly strongly affected are musicians, though authors are also tend to be targets. In response, the report's authors call for protection for artists as well as steps to improve mobility. The report also shows that gender differences exist in all cultural sectors. Particularly in key functions women are underrepresented. To alleviate the situation, the report demands that the issue of gender be integrated into cultural policy.

Overall, the cultural sector generates $2.25 billion in revenue each year. Nearly 30 million people worldwide are currently working in the sector. Over the next few years forecasts show that culture will be responsible for 10 percent of global economic output.