New European Agenda for Culture

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Photo by Rafael Miranda on Unsplash

Photo by Rafael Miranda on Unsplash

On 16 May, the European Commission published the New European Agenda for Culture. The goals and measures defined in it cover social and economic dimensions, foreign policy, cultural heritage and digitalisation.

In the social dimension, planned actions include a new artists’ mobility scheme under the Creative Europe programme. The Commission also wants to promote greater inclusion of refugees and migrants, and develop cultural and creative spaces in cities across Europe. According to the new agenda, arts education should gain in importance in the future.

For example, the Commission will offer special master’s modules in creativity for universities. Through dialogue forums, the European Commission aims to promote the exchange of artists from different sectors. In regard to foreign policy, support will be enhanced for culture in the Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership, and African Caribbean and Pacific countries. European Houses of Culture will also be launched in partner countries.

The protection and preservation of Europe's cultural heritage is also an important point on the agenda. For example, digitisation centres for cultural heritage are to be set up throughout Europe. Mentoring schemes have been formulated for audiovisual media, targeting in particular women. And a new EU Film Week will make European films available to schools across Europe.

On 24 May, intellectuals and cultural practitioners will discuss the agenda of the Global Governance Programme of the European University Institute in Florence.