Debut for Lagos Biennial

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Lagos Biennial logo

Lagos Biennial logo

On 14 October the Lagos Biennial officially opened its doors – which will remain open until 22 December. Taking place in six different venues across the Lagos metropolis, the artist-run biennial is expected to attract over 40 international artists from 20 countries. Organiser of the biennial is the Akete Art Foundation.

The Lagos Biennial sets out to position Lagos on the map as a major art capital on the African continent. "Lagos should be a hub for critical thought and international artistic exchanges. The city should embody a more globalised approach to the subject of art and should not just be driven by Afrocentric ideologies but rather it should embrace the unifying simplicity of the human experience," says Folakunle Oshun, the founding artistic director of the Lagos Biennial.

The theme of the biennial "Living on the Edge" seeks to examine the experiences of contemporary artists in and around crisis situations. The Lagos Biennial has been curated by an international team. An academic conference at the University of Lagos is accompanying the biennial.