News on Cultural Diplomacy

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Vive le "soft power"

At a meeting this week in Paris, France confirmed its commitment to a policy of development and international solidarity.

France Diplomatie | 18.07.2018
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Sweden pledges additional funds to UNESCO

Over a four-year period, Sweden will allot US$48 million beyond its regular contribution to UNESCO's budget.

UNESCO | 17.07.2018
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Soft power: A worldwide comparison

The United Kingdom is the most successful country in soft power, according to a new study.

ifa / The Soft Power 30 | 13.07.2018
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Culture of Japan in Paris

Japonismes 2018 takes place from July 2018 to February 2019 with events at more than 20 venues around Paris.

Japonismes 2018 | 11.07.2018
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Ensuring quality teachers

The 4th policy dialogue on higher education with Southern Mediterranean countries focuses on making better teachers.

European Commission | 09.07.2018
A wall painting at Colombia’s Chiribiquete National Park. Photo: © Jorge Mario Álvarez Arango

World Heritage Committee names new sites

A total of 19 sites have been inscribed on the World Heritage List during the Committee meeting in Bahrain.

UNESCO | 06.07.2018
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Back to the basics

The 49th Rencontres d'Arles, now in its opening week, offers a general survey of contemporary photographic creation and practice.

ifa / Rencontres d'Arles | 04.07.2018
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European identity in a digital world

The cultural programme for the EU Austrian Presidency also focuses on digitalisation. – Austrian Presidency | 02.07.2018
Photo: mikecogh (CC BY-SA 2.0) via flickr

The world’s most reputable country

In a ranking Sweden came out on top as the most ethical country with high transparency and low corruption.

Swedish Institute | 28.06.2018
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Culture as a driving force

An EU Parliament conference aims to increase awareness of the social and economic importance of culture and heritage.

EU Parliament | 26.06.2018