News on Cultural Diplomacy

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Publication set to spark debate

The German Museums Association has issued a paper on the complex and sensitive issue of colonial contexts in museums and collections.

German Museums Association | 10.08.2018
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Exchange and training programme for museums

The Smithsonian Institution is part of a scheme to support exhibition projects in Argentina.

Argentina Ministry of Culture | 07.08.2018
Egypt, Russia and Israel accounted for one-third of violations against LGBT artists and audiences. Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Where artistic freedom stands

A report assessing the global state of artistic freedom warns of the emergence of a new global culture of silencing others.

Freemuse | 02.08.2018
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Further assistance for refugees in Turkey

A special measure from the European Commission earmarks €400 million for education.

European Commission | 30.07.2018
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Cinema on the edge

The New Horizons International Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland, continues its tradition of showing bold, uncompromising films.

New Horizons IFF | 26.07.2018
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Lux Prize finalists unveiled

This year’s shortlist with the three finalists for the Lux Film Prize was unveiled at a press conference in Rome yesterday.

European Parliament | 25.07.2018
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The power of Creative Europe

New reports show the impact of Creative Europein the UK extends far beyond the €74 million received in grants.

British Council | 24.07.2018
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Vive le "soft power"

At a meeting this week in Paris, France confirmed its commitment to a policy of development and international solidarity.

France Diplomatie | 18.07.2018
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Sweden pledges additional funds to UNESCO

Over a four-year period, Sweden will allot US$48 million beyond its regular contribution to UNESCO's budget.

UNESCO | 17.07.2018
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Soft power: A worldwide comparison

The United Kingdom is the most successful country in soft power, according to a new study.

ifa / The Soft Power 30 | 13.07.2018