Latvian Institute (LI)


Latvian Institute promotes Latvia's positive international recognition. 

The Latvian Institute (LI) was established on the 29th of September 1998 by the government of Latvia. The Institute started working as a state-owned non-profit limited liability company. From November 2004 until February 2012, the Institute was a government agency under the supervision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Since March 2012, the Institute is an institution of direct administration under the control of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The main goal of the Institute is promotion of Latvia’s positive international recognition through creation of competitive identity for the state.
In accordance with the statutes, the Institute carries out the following functions:

  • participation in the creation of politics of Latvia’s identity and coordinates the implementation of it;
  • creation of a network of partners (governmental and non-governmental institutions, private partners, experts and others) that cooperate with the Institute in Latvia promoting activities;
  • organization of Latvia promoting activities abroad and in Latvia.

The Institute performs following activities:

  • preparation and spread of general information about Latvia and also detailed information about themes concerning the state, country and nation. It also prepares and spreads informative materials about Latvia, creates and supports Latvia’s official informative portal for foreign auditorium, offers information and consultations about issues in the competence of the Institute.
  • within lines of its competence carrying out national and international projects;
  • within lines of its competence co-operating with governmental institutions, local authorities, non-governmental organisations, private persons.
  • achievement of other activities that are defined in other legislation acts.

​In 2012, the Institute received an award "For performing principle of good governance, through carrying out effective partnerships".


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