Culture and Foreign Policy: International Conferences

20.03.2018 | Brussels
Innovation and Cultural Heritage
High-level Horizon 2020 conference of The European Year of Cultural Heritage
22.03.2018 to 24.03.2018 | Washington, D.C.
Max Weber Conference 2018: Settlement and Unsettlement – The Ends of World War I and their Legacies
Call for Papers Deadline: 31 March 2017.
23.03.2018 to 26.03.2018 | Kőszeg
Interpret Europe Conference 2018
The conference is part of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage.
25.03.2018 to 27.03.2018 | Plovdiv
Conference - cultural heritage for a more sustainable Europe
Conference in Bulgaria in relation to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018
01.04.2018 to 03.04.2018 | Osaka
2018 International Conference on Education and Global Studies
IConEGS 2018 will be held at Osaka International House Foundation in Osaka, Japan.
05.04.2018 to 06.04.2018 | Zürich
EUA 2018 Annual Conference: Engaged and responsible universities shaping Europe
The 2018 EUA Annual Conference will discuss universities' pivotal role in generating knowledge, developing intercultural understanding and fostering civic engagement through their ...
08.04.2018, 00:00 h to 12.04.2018, 00:00 h | Abu Dhabi
Annual CultureSummit Abu Dhabi
The Summit will convene leaders from all over the world to discuss the power of culture
10.04.2018 to 12.04.2018 | Belfast
British Council: Peace and Beyond
A conference to encourage new thinking and research in the field of peacebuilding and reconciliation.
23.04.2018 | Brüssel
European Year of Cultural Heritage - Forum on International Dimension
The Forum will look at the main themes of the 2018 EYCH from an international perspective.
23.04.2018 | Brüssel
EYCH 2018 International Perspectives
The Forum on the International Dimension of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH) is organized by the Cultural Diplomacy Platform.
25.04.2018 to 27.04.2018 | Turnhout
Shortcut Europe 2018 : "Exploring Cultural Spaces"
Topics: Advocacy,contemporary societies, ECoC, networking, sharing knowledge, smart territories, territorial development
25.04.2018 to 29.04.2018 | Barcelona
Barcelona International Dance Exchange 2018
Conference for Dancers, Choreographers and Cultural Managers linked to institutions and dance organizations. Deadline: 16.03.2018
02.05.2018 to 04.05.2018 | Kuala Lumpur
Going Global 2018
Going Global is a conference for leaders in international education to debate the future of further and higher education.
11.05.2018 to 12.05.2018 | Gießen
Socialist Educational Cooperation with the Global South
Conference - Organised by Liebig University Gießen and Humboldt University Berlin
14.05.2018, 00:00 h to 15.05.2018, 00:00 h | Brussels
Workshop: Diplomacy and Development: Trends and Challenges for Europe and Its Partners
The EL-CSID workshop is organised in the context of the "European Leadership in Cultural, Science and Innovation Diplomacy" project. Call for papers by 17th March 2018.
24.05.2018 | Prague
Emerging Research and Trends in Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding
Doctoral and Post-Doctoral ICA Pre-Conference
01.06.2018 to 03.06.2018 | Kobe
ACCS 2018: "Fearful Futures: Cultural Studies and the Question of Agency in the Twenty-First Century"
The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies.
12.06.2018 to 15.06.2018 | Granada
6th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development
14.06.2018 to 16.06.2018 | Munich
Narrating and Constructing the Beach
International and interdisciplinary conference at the Amerikahaus Munich.
09.07.2018 to 13.07.2018 | Belgrade
Theatre, Nation and Identity: Between Migration and Stasis
Studio-Laboratory for Performing Arts, Faculty of Dramatic Arts.
13.07.2018 to 15.07.2018 | Barcelona
CITY 2018: "Fearful Futures: Cities in the Twenty-First Century"
The IAFOR International Conference on the City.
21.08.2018 | Estonia
The Cultural Governance of Global Flows: Past and Future.
10th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research.
03.09.2018 to 07.09.2018 | Krakow
Urban Jewish Heritage - Presence and Absence
Conference. Call for Papers deadline: 9 April 2018
03.09.2018 to 07.09.2018 | Valletta
Curatorial School 2018
Education, Visual Arts - University of Malta Valletta Campus
14.09.2018 | Washington, D.C
Science Diplomacy 2018
The Center for Science Diplomacy invites proposals for panel sessions for Science Diplomacy 2018 in Washington, DC. Submissions are due by 4.5.2018
09.10.2018 to 10.10.2018 | Moskow
Socialist Cultural Diplomacy of the 20th Сentury: Institutes, Actors, Discourses
International Conference - Deutsches Historisches Institut Moskow.
17.01.2019 to 19.01.2019 | Vancouver
2019 Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability
Fifteenth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability. Vancouver, Canada


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