Dialogues Department

Head of Department

Urban Beckmann, Head of Department , Photo: Siermann Fotodesign, © ifa

Urban Beckmann

Head of Department
Tel. +49.711.2225.141


Portrait of Michela Bandini

Michela Bandini

Tel. +49.711.2225.172

CrossCulture Programme

Eva Sodeik-Zecha, Head of Section CCP, Photo: Siermann Fotodesign, © ifa

Dr. Eva Sodeik-Zecha

Head of Section
Tel. +49.711.2225.143

Anne Marie Kruse, Head of Section CCP, photo: private

Anne Marie Kruse

Head of Section
Tel. +49.711.2225.143

Wolfgang Kuhnle, CrossCulture Public Relations / Alumni, Photo: Siermann Fotodesign, © ifa

Wolfgang Kuhnle

Public Relations, Alumni
Tel. +49.711.2225.223

The CrossCulture Programme (CCP) is dedicated to young professionals from predominantly Islamic countries, the countries of the Eastern Partnership and Russia. For two to three months the participants live and learn in a different cultural environment, and they work in various sectors, i. e. political education, media or environment protection. Following the internship the ifa supports alumni with their own projects. It assists them in implementing the project and helps them to gain additional skills. People from Germany who are interested in taking part in the programme can also apply.

Bärbel Wienkötter, CrossCulture Central and Southeast Asia, Photo: private

Bärbel Wienkötter

Central Asia and Islamic Countries
Tel. +49.711.2225.220

Melanie Tews, CrossCulture Islamic Countries, Photo: private

Melanie Tews

Islamic Countries
Tel. +49.711.2225.177

Portrait of Martine Brucker, CrossCulture South Asia

Martine Brucker

South Asia
Tel. +49.711.2225.107

Portrait of Larysa Kharchenko

Larysa Kharchenko

Eastern Partnership
Tel. +49.711.2225.217

Rosalie Flachbart, Finances CCP, Photo: Siermann Fotodesign, © ifa

Rosalie Flachbart

Tel. +49.711.2225.129

CrossCulture Plus

Tim Hülquist, Head of Section CrossCulture Plus, Photo: Siermann Fotodesign, © ifa

Tim Hülquist

Head of programme
Tel. +49.711.2225.299

© ifa

Elena Zondler

Middle East, North Africa
Tel. +49.711.2225.297

Portrait of Sandra Hackert, CCP Plus

Sandra Hackert

Verification of funds
Tel. +49.711.2225.224

Funding Programme Humanitarian Assistance

Portrait of Karin Kathöfer, Head of Section Humanitarian Aid

Karin Kathöfer

Head of Section
Tel. +49.30.284491.32

Humanitarian assistance aims at alleviating the suffering of people in need as a result of natural disasters, crises, armed conflicts or other circumstances. With its corresponding funding programme, ifa partners up with the German Federal Foreign Office to strengthen the cooperation between governmental- and non-governmental organisations. The programme seeks to detect emergencies at an early stage and provide swift, flexible and unbureaucratic assistance where it is most needed.

Integration and Media

Karoline Gil, Head of Section Integration and Media, Photo: private

Karoline Gil

Head of Section
Tel. +49.711.2225.136

Portrait of Marita Grimke, coordinator for youth and media projects

Marita Grimke

Project coordination youth and media
Tel. +49.711.2225.128

© ifa

Dr. Anna Juraschek

Regional coordination
Poland, Czech Republic
Tel. +48.77.4411.008

With its Integration and Media programme the ifa supports German minorities in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States as intermediaries between cultures and initiators for living together in diversity. The ifa thus contributes to the process of European integration and to the cultural relations within and outside Europe. The ifa fosters the networking of clubs and associations and supports their projects. It provides scholarships for junior employees and allows further qualification in host organisations. Cultural managers and editors send by the ifa support on-site cultural activities, youth work and education projects as well as newspapers or radio and tv channels.

Margarete Walo, coordination deployment programme

Margarete Walo

Deployment programme
Tel. +49.711.2225.117

Simon Ant, Coordination cultural assistant and internship programme, Photo: Siermann Fotodesign, © ifa

Simon Ant

Cultural assistant and internship programme
Tel. +49.711.2225.145

Portrait of Carsten Fiedler, Mind_Netz trainee

Carsten Fiedler

Trainee Mind_Netz
Tel. +49.711.2225.225

Portrait of Silke Knautz

Silke Knautz

Project administration
Tel. +49.711.2225.198

Gabriele Kuschmierz, Project administration, Photo: Siermann Fotodesign, © ifa

Gabriele Kuschmierz

Project administration
Tel. +49.711.2225.199

Sylvia Zimmermann, Project Administration, Photo: private

Syliva Zimmermann

Project administration
Tel. +49.711.2225.145

zivik – civil Conflict Resolution

© ifa

Peter Wittschorek

Head of Section

Portrait of Maria Gowans, office communication for zivik

Maria Gowans

Office communication

Yvonne Michalik,Transformation Partnerships Application Assessment, Photo: Siermann Fotodesign, © ifa

Dr. Yvonne Michalik

Transformation Partnerships,
application assessment

© ifa

Darya Czepurnyi

Transformation Partnerships,
verification of funds

The zivik programme advises non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the German Federal Foreign Office on civilian conflict resolution. The zivik team promotes, documents and evaluates projects implemented in crisis regions throughout the world. zivik also serves to put into practice the Federal Government's Action Plan on 'Civilian Crisis Prevention, Conflict Resolution and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding'.

Valentin Wasilew, Democratization support, Application Assessment, Photo: Siermann Fotodesign, © ifa

Valentin Wasilew

Democratization support,
application assessment

Portait of Stephanie Brause, democratization support / verification of funds

Stephanie Brause

Democratization support,
verification of funds

© ifa

Nike Durczak

Application assessment

Hildegard Weigert,Application Assessment and Verification of Funds, Photo: Siermann Fotodesign, © ifa

Hildegard Weigert

Application assessment 

© ifa

Sandra Cichos

Application assessment and verification of funds