An exhibition on the road: Danzig 1928

The organization of travelling exhibitions had been one of the fields of activity of the German Foreign Institute (Deutsches Ausland-Institut / DAI), the predecessor institution of the ifa, since its founding in 1917. In 1928, the DAI launched the exhibition Danzig on its way through the German Empire. Its stations included Stuttgart and Frankfurt.
The historical background of the exhibition: after the end of the First World War, both the German Empire and Poland expressed interest in the city of Danzig. In 1919 the Versailles Treaty arranged the detachment of Danzig from the German Empire. In 1920 the city became an independent state. The aim of the exhibition was to show the close cultural ties between the German Empire and the Free City of Danzig, and to emphasize the latter's 'German' affiliations.

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Führer durch die Danzig-Ausstellung des Deutschen Ausland-Instituts Stuttgart / DAI [Guide through the Danzig Exhibition of the German Foreign Institute, Stuttgart] (ed.). – Stuttgart: DAI, (1929), in possession of the Biblioteka Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego

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