Peacebuilding in crisis: rethinking paradigms and practices of transnational cooperation

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Peacebuilding in crisis: rethinking paradigms and practices of transnational cooperation / Tobias Debiel ... (ed.). – Abingdon ...: Routledge, 2016. – XII, 264 S. – (Routledge Global Cooperation Series)

Hauptthemen: Global + Friedenssicherung + Peacebuilding + Konzeption + Internationales System + Nichtmilitärische Sicherheitspolitik + Internationales Krisenmanagement + Internationales Konfliktmanagement + Entwicklungsperspektive und -tendenz
Unterthemen: Bemühungen um Beilegung internationaler Konflikte + Friedenschaffende Maßnahmen + Friedenerhaltende Maßnahmen + Krisenprävention + Internationale Konfliktprävention + Konfliktlösung + Friedenspolitik + Machtteilung + Nachkonfliktphase + Sicherheitssektorreform + Transitional Justice + Versöhnung + Demokratieförderung 
Inhalt u.a.: 
Preface / Tobias Debiel, Thomas Held and Ulrich Schneckener
1. Peacebuilding in Crisis? Debating peacebuilding paradigms and practices / Ulrich Schneckener
Part 1 Reflecting Peacebuilding Paradigms
2. Peacebuilding and Paternalism / Michael Barnett
3. The Future of Peacebuilding / David Chandler
4. Relational Peacebuilding: Promise beyond crisis / Morgan Brigg
Part 2 Revisiting Peacebuilding Practices
5. Peacebuilding and Democracy Promotion: What current challenges to the latter might tell us for rethinking the former / Jonas Wolff
6. Adapted instead of Imported: Peacebuilding by power-sharing / Andreas Mehler
7. Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in Research and Practice: Achievements and shortcomings / Martina Fischer
8. Truth Commissions, Human Rights and Gender: Normative changes in transitional moments / Susanne Buckley-Zistel
9. Reforming the Security Sector and Rule of Law: The hidden transcripts of local resistance / Keith Krause
10. Corporate Peace: Crisis in economic peacebuilding / Michael Pugh
Part 3 Rethinking Promises and Pitfalls of ‘the Local’
11. What do we mean when we use the term ‘local’? Imagining and framing the local and the international in relation to peace and order / Roger Mac Ginty
12. Understanding the "local" in Peacebuilding: Conceptual discourses and empirical realities / Thania Paffenholz
13. False Promise: ‘Local ownership’ and the denial of self-government / Pol Bargués-Pedreny
14. Rethinking the Local in Peacebuilding: Moving away from the liberal / post-liberal divide / Tobias Debiel and Patricia Rinck