Mein Leben in ... Bonn

Syed Kausar Abbas, Pakistan

The Cross Culture program added a positive change in my professional outlook.

It was my first travel to Europe on Sep 02, 2012. During my journey, I realized that the image of Pakistan is not good in the world.  The world and the media present us in a negative way. We should get the opportunities to raise the voice about Pakistan in the international forums, so that the world should realize that Pakistan is a peaceful state and we always respect the other religions and cultures. We are the peace makers and always condemn the violence and terrorism. No doubt, we need to elect the educated people who can present Pakistan in a positive way to the international community.

In November I went to the Federal Agency for Civic Education, bpb. I met with the head of the event department at bpb a highly professional experienced and intellectual woman. She was a supportive woman all the way through my stay at bpb. Starting from the interaction with the team members of the bpb to the donor agencies and as well as meetings with the different groups enhanced my capacity to be the best development practitioner in Pakistan after completing my internship in Germany.

It was a magnificent experience in the workshop organized by institute for foreign culture affairs, ifa in Stuttgart for all the cross culture participants around the Islamic world. This was my first interaction with the large number of young delegates from the different cultures as well as different proficient backgrounds. I get the prospect to interact with all the participants during my stay in the workshop and we shared our experiences and wisdom with each other. I did not have the familiarity about the Islamic countries before workshop but now I have sufficient knowledge about the Islamic world and their tribulations as well as best practices.

The Cross Culture program added a positive change in my professional outlook and off course; it would be helpful for me to employ its best practices in my home organizations as well. I have planned to coordinate with the ifa for future partnership with my home organization CPDI in Pakistan. The institute should focus on the sustainable development programs with the home organizations, that would be helpful to endorse the cross culture program and as well as to work for the people of our respective countries.

Bonn, 24. Oktober 2012