Dhara Kabaria/studio Alternatives

Rocking Chair, 2003

Discarded bicycle parts, wood, H 90 x W 80 x D 110 cm
Photo/© Dhara Kabaria

Her first experimental chair utilized old rubber tyres and was created for external spaces; then she created an interior version with a more elegant finish.

studio Alternatives began in 2010 as an interior de¬sign and photography consultancy, and has now expand¬ed into many more areas of design. Since 2013, the studio has had its own workshop with highly skilled craftspeople. The studio work as designers and con¬sultants, undertaking projects and making furniture, accessories, artefacts, installations and any other spatial elements. The focus is on upcycling, and util izing various types of discarded materials to cre¬ate desirable objects is always first preference. From coasters to shipping containers, studio Alternatives love making use of reclaimed materials.
ScrapLab was conceived as an idea in 2012, and real¬ized in 2015. It includes a small library of materials that are discarded but have interesting forms or tex¬tures that can be utilized in creative ways, as parts of new products or solutions. It also provides support to make products or prototypes in our workshop.
Dhara Kabaria, co-founder and principal designer, is an alumna of CEPT University Ahmedabad, India. She completed her postgraduate studies in three-dimen¬sional design at the Kent Institute of Art and Design, Rochester, United Kingdom. She set up the studio with her sister Dolly in 2010. Her special interests in¬clude furniture design, exhibition design, design edu¬cation and alternative uses of materials in design.

Dhara Kabaria/studio Alternatives: Rocking Chair, 2003; photo/© Dhara Kabaria
Photo/© Dhara Kabaria
Tobias Juretzek