Selective Bibliography

Media in conflict prevention and peace building strategies

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Category: Kultur und Konflikt  
Main subject: Global + International conflicts + Armed conflicts + Mass media + Mass media impact + Conflict prevention + Peacekeeping
Aspects: Information and communication policy + Media policy
ifa Library Call Number: 4 B 28/66

Media in peacebuilding and conflict prevention

Conference documentation / Deutsche Welle. – Bonn, 2008. – 209 S.

Category: Kultur und Konflikt  
Main subject: Global + International conflicts + International conflict prevention + Media policy + Information and communication policy + Relations between politics and media
Aspects: Reporting + Journalism + Freedom of the press + Objektivität + War + Terrorism + Organized crime + Peace + Promotion / support + Country related contents + Asia + Africa + Near and Middle East
Type of document: Conference reports
ifa Library Call Number: 4 B 28/185,,6874735,00.pdf

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Category: Kultur und Konflikt  
Main subject: Germany + Successor states of Yugoslavia + International conflict management + Efforts to settle conflicts + Bodies responsible for measures + Students / pupils + Instruments (procedures) + Specialists conferences + Research methods + Models (theoretical) + Pilot projects + Case studies
Aspects: Revision of opinions / of perceived knowledge + Educational goals + Reconciliation + Societal dialogue
ifa Library Call Number: 4 B 26/20

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Category: Kultur und Konflikt  
Main subject: Mass media + Reporting + Balkans + Regional international conflicts + Mass media impact + Conflict management + Strategy and warfare + International conflict management + Control of international processes + Efforts to settle international conflicts + Decision-making processes of international actors + Decision-making processes within leading political groups + Interrelations + Opinion formation + Public opinion
Aspects: Exemplary cases
ifa Library Call Number: 22/491

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Category: Kultur und Konflikt  
Main subject: Germany + Bosnia-Herzegovina + Foreign cultural policy + Target groups + Young people + Cultural activity + Case studies + Goethe-Institut (Sarajewo) + Nongovernmental organizations + Schüler Helfen Leben + Cultural projects + Execution of projects + Educational goals + Conflict prevention
Aspects: Youth policy + Living conditions + Interethnic relations + Youth culture + Evaluation + Project evaluation
ifa Library Call Number: 28/148; 28/176; 28/243; 28/216

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Category: Kultur und Konflikt, Neuerwerbung  
Main subject: Netherlands + Foreign cultural policy + Image building + Image abroad + Domestic determinants of foreign policy + Cultural policy + National identity + Identity construction + Status / significance + Cultural factors + Arts + Instruments (procedures) + Bodies responsible for measures + Scope of action of institutions / organizations + Discourse theory + Case studies
Aspects: Controversy + Films + reception
ifa Library Call Number: Z - GB 403

New ignorances, new literacies

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Category: Kultur und Konflikt  
Main subject: Efforts to settle international conflicts + Bodies responsible for measures + Spread of knowledge + Educational goals + Formation of consciousness + Revision of opinions / of perceived knowledge + International education cooperation + Arts + Views of history + Human rights policy + Sustainable development + Media policy + Access to information + Cultural diversity + International conflict prevention
Aspects: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization + Aims and programmes of international actors + Peace making measures + civilisation conflict + Perceptions of threat (society) + International cultural dominance / dependence + Stereotypes + Ethics + Sciences
Type of document: Conference proceedings
ifa Library Call Number: 26/704

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Category: Kultur und Konflikt  
Main subject: Germany + Foreign cultural policy + Peace policy + International conflict prevention + Cultural activity + Cultural projects + Civil society + Concepts + Foreign cultural organization (foreign cultural policy) + Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (Stuttgart) + Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen / Programm Zivik (Stuttgart) + Aims and programmes of institutions / organizations
Aspects: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization + Aims and programmes of international actors + Theatre + Aesthetics +  Evaluation of cultural activities
ifa Library Call Number: Z - D 4202

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Category: Kultur und Konflikt, Neuerwerbung  
Main subject: Japan + Foreign cultural policy + Public diplomacy + Aims and programmes of institutions / organizations + Crisis areas + Termination of conflicts + Conflict prevention + Peacebuilding + Concepts + Exemplary cases
Aspects: Psychological factors + Sports + Arts + Iraq + South Korea + Afghanistan + Indonesia + Natural and Reactor Disaster in Japan (March 2011)
ifa Library Call Number: 34/179

Papadopoulou, Dimitra: Culture as an instrument for conflict prevention

In: European Cultural Parliament: Report from the second session in Graz. – Berlin, 2003, S. 1-11

Category: Kultur und Konflikt  
Main subject: Cultural factors + Importance / role + Instruments (procedures) + International conflict prevention + Peacekeeping + Exemplary cases + Performing arts + Visual arts + United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization + Aims and programmes of international actors
Aspects: Culture + Definition / comprehension of concepts + Films + Painting + Dance + Literature + Theatre + Cultural values and standards

Peacebuilding in crisis: rethinking paradigms and practices of transnational cooperation

/ Tobias Debiel ... (ed.). – Abingdon ...: Routledge, 2016. – XII, 264 S. – (Routledge Global Cooperation Series)

Category: Kultur und Konflikt, Lesetipps  
Main subjects: Global + Peacekeeping + Peacebuilding + Concepts + International systems + Non-military security policy + International crisis management + International conflict management + Development perspectives and tendencies
Aspects: Efforts to settle international conflicts + Peacemaking measures + Peacekeeping measures + Crisis prevention + International conflict prevention + Conflict resolution + Peace policy + Power sharing + Post-conflict phase + Security sector reform + Transitional justice + Reconciliation + Democracy promotion
Contents (in part):
Preface / Tobias Debiel, Thomas Held and Ulrich Schneckener
1. Peacebuilding in Crisis? Debating peacebuilding paradigms and practices / Ulrich Schneckener
Part 1 Reflecting Peacebuilding Paradigms
2. Peacebuilding and Paternalism / Michael Barnett
3. The Future of Peacebuilding / David Chandler
4. Relational Peacebuilding: Promise beyond crisis / Morgan Brigg
Part 2 Revisiting Peacebuilding Practices
5. Peacebuilding and Democracy Promotion: What current challenges to the latter might tell us for rethinking the former / Jonas Wolff
6. Adapted instead of Imported: Peacebuilding by power-sharing / Andreas Mehler
7. Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in Research and Practice: Achievements and shortcomings / Martina Fischer
8. Truth Commissions, Human Rights and Gender: Normative changes in transitional moments / Susanne Buckley-Zistel
9. Reforming the Security Sector and Rule of Law: The hidden transcripts of local resistance / Keith Krause
10. Corporate Peace: Crisis in economic peacebuilding / Michael Pugh
Part 3 Rethinking Promises and Pitfalls of ‘the Local’
11. What do we mean when we use the term ‘local’? Imagining and framing the local and the international in relation to peace and order / Roger Mac Ginty
12. Understanding the "local" in Peacebuilding: Conceptual discourses and empirical realities / Thania Paffenholz
13. False Promise: ‘Local ownership’ and the denial of self-government / Pol Bargués-Pedreny
14. Rethinking the Local in Peacebuilding: Moving away from the liberal / post-liberal divide / Tobias Debiel and Patricia Rinck
ifa Library Call Number: 36 / 229

Public diplomacy, cultural interventions & the peace process in Northern Ireland

Track two to peace? / Joseph J. Popiolkowski (ed.). USC Center on Public Diplomacy at the Annenberg School. – Los Angeles/Cal.: Figueroa Press, 2009. – VII, 104 S.

Category: Kultur und Konflikt  
Main subject: United Kingdom + Northern Ireland + Northern Ireland Civil War (1969-1997) + Efforts to settle international conflicts + United States + Peace making measures + Peacekeeping + Instruments (procedures) + Public diplomacy + Media policy + Multi-track diplomacy
Aspects: Youth exchanges + Blogs + Internet + Politische Kommunikation + Ourselves Alone + Irish Republican Army

Radtke, Frank-Olaf: Die romantische Sehnsucht nach Vergemeinschaftung

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Category: Kultur und Konflikt, Neuerwerbung  
Main subject: Western World + Germany + Cultural policy + International cultural cooperation + Political measures + Instruments (procedures) + International political dialogue + Societal dialogue + Intercultural communication + Efficiency / Efficacy + Evaluation of cultural activities + Criticism + Conflict potential
Aspects: Eurocentrism + Intercultural conflicts + Efforts to settle international conflicts + Efforts to settle conflicts + Minorities policy + Bodies responsible for measures + Cultural identity + Religious factors + Systems of value + Universal principles of international order + cultural relativism + Multicultural societies
ifa Library Call Number: 34/193

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In: Dem Rad in die Speichen fallen / Pete Hämmerle (Hg.). Österreichisches Netzwerk für Frieden und Gewaltfreiheit. – Wien, 2003, S. 237-243

Category: Kultur und Konflikt  
Main subject: Austria + Interkulturelles Zentrum (Wien) + Aims and programmes of institutions / organizations + Promotion / support + Cultural activity + Multicultural societies + Intercultural conflicts + Conflict management + Educational goals + Intercultural competence + Target groups + Subjects of research + Multidisciplinary research
Aspects: Political education + anti-racism + Identity + Formation of consciousness + Human rights
ifa Library Call Number: 24/287

Re-imagining security

Alastair Crooke. British Council. – London, 2004. – 70 S. – (British Council 70th Anniversary Essays on Cultural Relations; Birthday Counterpoints)

Category: Kultur und Konflikt  
Main subject: International cultural relations + Intercultural relations + Status / significance + Foreign policy instruments and procedures + Peacekeeping through security policy + International conflict management + Efforts to settle international conflicts + Antiterrorism + Western industrialized countries + Islamic countries / Islamic world + Exemplary cases + Consequences / conclusions
Aspects: Political Islam + Modernization + Secularization + Societal dialogue + United States + Iraq War (2003-03-20/2003-05-01) + Ideological-cultural determinants of foreign policy + Religious fundamentalism + Christianity + Bible + Reevaluation / reinterpretation + Balkans + Europe
ifa Library Call Number: 24/819; 28/561

Reich, Hannah: Frieden stiften durch Theater

Konfessionalismus und sein Transformationspotential; interaktives Theater im Libanon. – Bielefeld: Transcript-Verl., 2013. – 329 S. (Kultur und soziale Praxis). – Bonn, Univ., Diss., 2010

Category: Kultur und Konflikt, Neuerwerbung, Abschlussarbeiten  
Main subject: Lebanon + Civil War in Lebanon (1975-1990) + Post-conflict phase + Peacekeeping measures + Contributions (output) + Theatre + Cultural projects + Concepts + Religious population groups + Interfaith relations + Clientelism + Analysis + Research methods + Case studies
Aspects: Theory formation + Aesthetics + orientalism + Relations between arts and politics / society + Relations between ideology and culture + Social geography + Militia service system
Abstract: Maroniten, Christen, Schiiten und Sunniten – die konfessionsgebundene Verfassung des Libanon gewährt dem Mittelmeeranrainer nur bedingte politische Stabilität. Regelmäßig kam es in der jüngsten Vergangenheit zu innen- wie außenpolitischen Konflikten, zuletzt schwappte der innenpolitische Konflikt aus dem Nachbarland Syrien herüber. Kann es gelingen, durch interaktive Theaterprojekte einen nachhaltigen Beitrag zur Friedenssicherung in der Region zu leisten? Hannah Reich geht in "Frieden stiften durch Theater" dieser Frage nach. Sie begleitete die Forumtheatertruppe "Ala Boued Amtar", die mit Theaterprojekten versucht, soziale Anknüpfungspunkte zu schaffen. Reich stellt die aus der Praxis gewonnenen Erkenntnisse auf ein breites theoretisches Fundament. Unter Berufung auf eine Vielzahl geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlicher Ansätze, darunter  Edward Saids Orientalismus-Konzept, Judith Butlers Performance-Theorie, Augusto Boals Hypothesen zum gesellschaftsverändernden Theater und Kurt Lewins Theorie des sozialen Felds erarbeitet Reich eine Methodik für friedenstiftende Theaterprojekte. Das Thema Konfessionalismus (arabisch: Ta’ifiyah) stellt, wie Reich in der Projektarbeit feststellte, für die libanesische Bevölkerung ein omnipräsentes Dilemma dar. In ihren Analysen legt die Autorin daher einen Schwerpunkt auf den Umgang mit der Konfessionalismus-Debatte. Die kreative Theaterarbeit ermöglicht einen Zugang zu den tiefschürfenden Konflikten in der libanesischen Gesellschaft, der durch politische Dialoge nur bedingt greifbar wird. (ifa)
Type of document: Doctoral theses
ifa Library Call Number: 33/836

Relational sensibility and the 'turn to the local'

Prospects for the future of peacebuilding / Wren Chadwick (eds.) – Duisburg: Käte Hamburger Kolleg / Centre or Global Cooperation Research, 2013. – 56 S. – (Global Dialogues; 2)

Category: Kultur und Konflikt, Neuerwerbung  
Main subject: Global + Peacebuilding + Peacekeeping + Local + Scientific theoretical analysis + Concepts + Development perspectives and tendencies
Aspects: Exemplary cases
ifa Library Call Number: Cb 34/152

Rubinstein, Robert A.: Intervention and culture

An anthropological approach to peace operations. – In: Security Dialogue (London), 36 (December 2005) 4, S. 527-544

Category: Kultur und Konflikt  
Main subject: Global + International conflict policy + International conflict management + Cultural factors + Effects / consequences + Peacebuilding + Peacekeeping + Reconstruction + United Nations

Rubinstein, Robert A.: Peacekeeping under fire

Culture and intervention. – Boulder/Colo.: Paradigm Publ., 2008. – XX, 204 S.

Category: Kultur und Konflikt  
Main subject: United Nations + Peacekeeping function of international actors + Peacekeeping + United Nations Peacekeeping Forces + Peacekeeping measures + Peace enforcing measures + Military intervention + Humanitarian intervention + Culture + Cultural factors + Civil-military relations
Aspects: United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan + United Nations Emergency Force + United Nations Observer Group in Lebanon + United Nations Operation in the Congo + United Nations Observer Mission in Yemen + United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus + United Nations India-Pakistan Observation Mission + United Nations Disengagement Observer Force + United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon + United Nations Good Offices Mission in Afghanistan and Pakistan + United Nations Operation in Somalia II + United Nations Iran Iraq Military Observer Group + United Nations Angola Verification Mission I + United Nations Angola Verification Mission II + United Nations Transition Assistance Group (Namibia) + United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission + United Nations Observer Mission in El Salvador + United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara + United Nations Advance Mission in Cambodia
ifa Library Call Number: 30/756

Rudolf, Peter; Lohmann, Sascha: Außenpolitikevaluation im Aktionsfeld Krisenprävention und Friedensaufbau

Berlin: Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, 2013. – 28 S. – (SWP-Studie; S 20/2013)

Category: Kultur und Konflikt, Neuerwerbung  
Main subject: Germany + Foreign policies of individual states + Foreign policy goals + Foreign policy instruments and procedures + Crisis prevention + International crisis management + Crisis management + Peacemaking measures + Guidance capacity of institutions/organizations + Effectiveness of political measures + Evaluation + International relations theory + Research methods
Aspects: Peace and conflict research + Development policy cooperation + Evaluation problems + Project evaluation
Abstract: Die Prävention von Krisen und gewalthaltigen Konflikten sowie der Aufbau stabiler Friedensstrukturen sind Ziele deutscher Außenpolitik, die sich konzeptionell im Aktionsplan der Bundesregierung "Zivile Krisenprävention, Konfliktlösung und Friedenskonsolidierung" von 2004 niedergeschlagen haben. Wer Krisen vorbeugen, die Ursachen gewalthaltiger Konflikte beseitigen und die Voraussetzungen für einen dauerhaften friedlichen Konfliktaustrag schaffen will, muss wissen, ob Eingriffe von außen diesem Ziel förderlich sind. Was funktioniert unter welchen Bedingungen, was nicht? Wie lässt sich das eigene Handeln verbessern, wie der Ressourceneinsatz optimieren? Das sind die Fragen, die das Interesse an Evaluation speisen, wie es seit einiger Zeit vor allem im Deutschen Bundestag geäußert wird. Vor diesem Hintergrund liefert die Studie eine Orientierungsbasis dafür, wie Möglichkeiten und Grenzen von Außenpolitikevaluation gerade im Aktionsfeld "Zivile Krisenprävention, Konfliktlösung und Friedensaufbau" bewertet werden können. Dabei baut sie auf dem Diskussionsstand in der Evaluationsforschung und den bisherigen Erträgen einschlägiger Evaluationen auf. Ausgelotet wird, was von herkömmlicher Evaluation bei nüchterner Betrachtung grundsätzlich erwartet werden kann und welche Alternativen zur Verfügung stehen. (SWP-Studie)
Type of document: Research reports + Studies