Simulation Game "Frau Deutschmannová, wie konnte das passieren?" 2013
Simulation Game "Frau Deutschmannová, wie konnte das passieren?" 2013
Children play camp Klein Raschau 2013
Children play camp Klein Raschau 2013
Multiforum 2013
Multiforum 2013

Stimulus projects

The ifa and its partners from the German minority communities identify important development issues and projects, and offer assistance. Camps and simulation games provide opportunities to address issues such as identity, participation, youth policy and the advantages of Web 2.0. The ifa helps to prepare topics, provides initial project management where required, and involves suitable partners from the minority communities to enable them to take on the project themselves.

Funding schemes are currently focussed on the following issues:

Extracurricular youth education

  • Simulation game on participation and co-determination (in German)
    The German minorities are declining, and their organisations are in need of young recruits. Who will represent their interests in the future? Ideally, active citizens who know what they want and who have the skills required to participate in political decision-making. The simulation game project shows the benefits this could have.

Bilingual early education

  • Children’s camp: Teaching intercultural skills is child's play (in German)
    What is the best way to teach children basic democratic values? The answer is simple: through play! And that is what inspired the concept of "children's camps", which the ifa implemented with great success in Rumania and is now bringing to Poland. Children learn how to participate and take an active role.

Encouraging professional qualifications

  • Youth leader training: Young people train other young people (in German)
    The best way to gain new members is by offering them something – and the Youth Association of the German Minority in Poland is well aware of this. The Association arranges training sessions for youth group leaders, which are organised by young people and regularly attract large numbers of participants.

Strengthening networks

  • Baltic Forum Baltikum: Networking, Training, Exchange
    To exchange ideas for active cultural and educational work of the organisations of the German minorities and to further develop them via training. This is the goal of the network meeting of the German minorities in the Baltic states. Every year, numerous members are involved.

Children's play camp Danubius: It's child's play to learn democracy

ifa | A city of their own, earning (toy) money and deciding by oneself whether to go to the "movies" in the afternoon or to buy cookies and juice.