Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries take part in the CrossCulture Internship Programme?

  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
  • Bahrain
  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Germany
  • Indonesia
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Jordan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Malaysia
  • Morocco
  • Mauritania
  • Oman
  • Pakistan
  • Palestinian Territories
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Republic of the Sudan
  • Tajikistan
  • Tunisia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Uzbekistan
  • Yemen

How long is a CrossCulture Internship?

Internships last at least 8 weeks and last up to maximum of three months. Stays for a longer period do not receive ifa support.

If I am selected for the CrossCulture Internship Programme, when will the internship take place?

Earliest beginning of CCP for all participants is mid-May. For applicants from Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia the internship can be conducted until Mid-December the latest. Applicants from all other countries can conduct their internship until mid-March. Since CrossCulture Internships are planned and organised individually for each candidate, they take place at different times of the year and for different periods of time. The exact dates are coordinated in detail with the respective host organisation and the CrossCulture sholarship holder.

What requirements do I have to meet to be able to take part in the CrossCulture Internship Programme?

In order to take part in the programme, applicants are required to have a long-term involvement with an organisation or institution in their home country. Applicants should be between 23 and 45 years of age. Applications from matriculated students cannot be considered. Candidates are also required to be in a good state of health and to have the physical and intellectual capability required for spending a lengthy period of time abroad and working within the context of the internship.

A good command of English is another important prerequisite for successful participation. Knowledge of the German language is an additional qualification, not a requirement for applicants from abroad. Alternatively, knowledge of the language of the CCP target country may be valuable for applicants from Germany.

When is the deadline for my application?

Applicants from abroad

The filled in and signed application forms along with a portrait picture are to be submitted via e-mail to the German diplomatic mission of the applicant’s home country. The application deadline is 6 December 2015 (date of receipt at the German diplomatic mission). Only complete e-mail applications will be processed! Please pay attention to the technical requirements of application e-mail. Please do not send e-mails with your documents to the ifa as they cannot be processed here!

Applicants from Germany

The filled in and signed application forms along with a portrait picture are to be submitted via e-mail to ifa in Stuttgart, Gemany: bewerbungen-ccp(at)

The application deadline is 6 December 2015 (date of receipt at ifa). Only complete e-mail applications will be processed! Please pay attention to the technical requirements of application e-mail.

What happens when I have sent the documents to the German mission in my country?

The Germany Embassy/Consulate will examine the e-mail applications they have received by the deadline. Applicants will then receive either a rejection letter via e-mail (without any reasons being given) or an invitation via e-mail to attend an interview at the Embassy/Consulate. At this interview, the Embassy/Consulate staff will examine the applicants’ aptitude for the CrossCulture Internships Programme. After the interview, applicants will either receive a rejection letter via e-mail (without any reasons being given) or the documents will be forwarded via e-mail to ifa in Stuttgart, Germany. Then, ifa will send a confirmation of receipt to applicants.

When do I find out whether I can take part in the CrossCulture Internship Programme?

Upon receipt of the recommended applications from the German Embassies and Consulates, ifa staff examines all the application documents that have been received and decide jointly with the Federal Foreign Office who could be a possible CrossCulture scholarship holder. From April onwards, applicants will either be informed in writing that they can participate in the programme or they will be sent a rejection letter (without any reasons being given) via e-mail.

Some applicants will be notified by ifa staff that they have been put on a waiting list. That means that they may have the opportunity to take part in the programme if places become vacant at short notice during the respective application year. In this case, applicants may be notified of the opportunity to take part throughout the whole of the application year.

What happens next if I have been selected for the CrossCulture Internship Programme?

After applicants have been informed that they have been selected to participate in the programme and they have confirmed their acceptance of the scholarship, the CCP team identifies an appropriate internship at a host organisation. Any contacts scholarship holders may already have with German organisations are very helpful and should be indicated in the application documents.

As soon as a host organisation has been found, the sholarship holder is informed and all the necessary steps are taken to prepare the trip to Germany and the stay. The candidate receives precise instructions from ifa staff and from the German Embassies/Consulates so that a visa can be obtained and a flight booked as quickly as possible.

It is expected that German candidates plan and organise their internship and their stay themselves. If any questions or problems arise, ifa staff will of course support candidates as far as possible.

What does the CrossCulture Internship Programme cover?

CCP interns from abroad receive a monthly scholarship of 550 Euro. In addition, the following costs are met by the project:

The costs of visa fees and return flight are reimbursed to German CrossCulture interns. Ifa transfers a monthly scholarship of 1,100 Euro to the candidate’s bank account. The intern has to take care of accommodation and public transport costs in the CCP country. Health insurance for Germans abroad will be concluded by ifa staff for the duration of the CrossCulture Internship.

Return flight

The cost of a return flight will be financed by the project. CrossCulture interns shall inform ifa staff without delay and without being especially requested to do so of any changes they would like to be made to bookings, regardless of the reasons the intern has for them. Any resulting costs shall be borne by the candidates themselves.

CrossCulture Internship candidates are required to organise the transport of any excess luggage, such as special tools or other equipment for work (e.g. cameras, artists’ utensils, etc.) and meet the cost of such transport themselves. Unfortunately, ifa staff is unable to assist in such cases.

Health insurance

The health insurance covers any emergencies during the intern’s stay in Germany or abroad. It does not cover the cost of treating any illnesses the interns already had before departure and such costs therefore have to be met by CrossCulture interns themselves.

Any visits to or treatment by physicians on account of a pregnancy/birth will also not be met by the insurance. These costs, too, have to be met by CrossCulture interns themselves – neither the insurance company nor the ifa can accept such costs.


In Germany, CrossCulture interns will be provided with furnished accommodation (either a room in a shared apartment or with a family or a small apartment with bathroom and cooking facilities). Electricity, heating and water are included. These apartments do not have internet access or a telephone since ifa cannot meet the communication costs.

The apartment provided and all the items in it shall be treated with care by CrossCulture interns. The costs of any major damage to the apartment, furniture or electrical items shall be borne by candidates themselves.

May I take members of my family abroad with me for the duration of my CrossCulture Internship?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The programme cannot provide any financing or take any responsibility for accompanying persons (e.g. spouse or children).

How will I find my way around on my first day in Germany?

CrossCulture interns from abroad will be met by tutors at the airport or station in their destination city in Germany and escorted to their apartment. The tutors will buy scholarship holders’ first monthly travel pass and show them the surroundings of their apartment. They will also help sholarship holders to obtain a SIM card for their cell phone. CrossCulture interns are required to inform ifa staff of their new cell telephone number in Germany as soon as possible so that they can call them in an emergency.

The tutors will also accompany CrossCulture interns to their host organisation on their first day at work.

What sort of activities can I expect from the accompanying programme?

The CrossCulture Internships are supplemented by an intercultural workshop with other participants of the programme and an appointment to visit other organisations of relevance to interns’ field of interest. This accompanying programme is intended to promote candidates’ intercultural, vocational and specialist skills and can be used to make contacts and strengthen networks.


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