Applicants from abroad

Please note

Due to the armed conflict and volatile security environment, scholarships for applicants from Syria are not allocated in 2016.


The announcement of the CrossCulture Internships programme (CCP) is carried out by ifa with the assistance of the German diplomatic missions abroad. Applications have to be send via e-mail to the German diplomatic missions of the applicants' home countries. 


Requirements for taking part in the CrossCulture Internships programme include a good command of English and a permanent involvement in an organisation or institution in one’s own country. Knowledge of the German language is an additional qualification, not a requirement. Applicants should be aged between 23 to 45 years. Currently enrolled university students will not be considered for selection. Furthermore the applicants must be in good health. Their physical as well as mental working capacity must be sufficient for the requirements of a longer stay abroad and the essential work requirements of the internship.


The interns' travel and subsistence expenses are covered by the programme funds. This includes a monthly grant of 550 Euro, travel costs to Germany and urban local traffic, as well as visa fees, health insurance and accommodation. The latter is either a private room in a shared flat (according to gender), a private room in a host family or a small furnished apartment. Accommodation includes cost for electricity, water and heating; whereas telephone and internet facilities are not included.

Selection Procedure

The filled in and signed application forms along with a passport picture are to be submitted via e-mail to the German diplomatic mission of the applicant’s home country. 

The staff of the German diplomatic missions abroad will screen all applications and invite some applicants to an interview. Hereafter the embassies’ and consulates’ selection of applications is forwarded to the ifa in Stuttgart, Germany. The final selection of CrossCulture Internships participants is made in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office.

The nomination of the participants will be announced in March. Letters of refusal will be sent without further explanations in April. No one has a legal right to be selected for the CrossCulture Internships programme.


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