zivik – Civil Conflict Resolution

The zivik programme promotes international peace projects in crisis regions and advises both non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the German Federal Foreign Office in this important field of activity. The programme not only provides support to civil conflict resolution efforts but also contributes to strengthening networks between state and non-state actors. The zivik programme focuses on such themes as training in methods of non-violent conflict resolution, support for confidence-building measures among conflict parties, trauma work and the reintegration of ex-combatants ... read more

CrossCulture Praktika

The CrossCulture Internships Programme provides an opportunity to young professionals and volunteers from Germany and the Islamic world to gather experience abroad. The programme is advocating intercultural exchange and the strengthening of networks between the cultures involved ... read more

Integration and Media

The Integration and Media programme promotes the development oft civil society and democracy Central, Eastern and South East Europe and the CIS countries with a focus on German minorities. The ifa delegates staff to their organisations and supports effect-oriented project promotion. The organisations are thus enabled to participate actively in decision-making processes and to position themselves positively into their social environment.