20.10.2017, 16:00 - 17:00 | ifa gallery Stuttgart

Studio Mumbai Architects

Guided Tour


Studio Mumbai architects, Mumbai between the sun and the moon Leti 360 Resort Leti, Uttaranchal, India, 2007 © Studio Mumbai

"Between the sun and the moon," inspired by elements from both Indian and western cultures, Studio Mumbai has created an architectural oeuvre that combines tradition and modernism in wonderful ways. Local resources and materials, and traditional Indian handicrafts are the basis for a truly contemporary architecture. Projects are completed in close cooperation between Bijoy Jain and his partners, all of them artisans – carpenters, joiners, bricklayers, tile makers and fitters, stonemasons, plumbers and roofers.
Bijoy Jain studied in the USA and then worked with Richard Meier in Los Angeles and in London. In 2005 he founded the cooperative Studio Mumbai in Mumbai. Most of his projects have been undertaken in the state of Maharashtra. They are intricately planned and shaped, always perfectly integrated into their surrounding natural environment, suited to specific local conditions and yet also utterly international – "between the sun and the moon."
This exhibition presents selected buildings by Studio Mumbai and also highlights the working processes behind them. The development of these projects is illustrated in various formats and materials – sources of inspiration, colour and material samples, tools and prototypes all tell stories that show the importance of craftsmanship for this outstanding and unusually sensual architecture.