14.10.2017, 13:00 - 14:00 | Frankfurt Book Fair, Weltempfang, Salon, 3.1 L25

Living Library

Encounters and talks

© ifa/Kuhnle

© ifa/Kuhnle

Borrow a living book at the book fair! The 'books' are young people from Islamic regions and eastern neighbors of Europe. They all tell their own story about intercultural encounters. After an introduction, you will be able to exchange experiences and experiences in two-eyes conversations – including getting rid of prejudices!
3 scholarship holders and alumni of the ifa CrossCultural programme.

Katharina Merz, teacher, Bonn
Katharina Merz works with international groups. She was CrossCulture Sholarship holder at a women's community project in Egypt in 2016.

Performed by the CrossCulture Programme

Talks in German and English.