30.11.2017, 19:00 - 21:00 | ifa Weltraum

IFAKINO: Gaza Surf Club


©Little Bridge Pictures _Niclas Reed Middleton

Gaza Surf Club, Germany 2016, Documentary, 87 min

Director: Philip Gnadt (present at the event).

A young generation caught in Gaza between Israel and Egypt, ruled by Hamas, pulls it to the beaches. A generation which is tired of occupation, war, and religious fanaticism and they find their very own kind of protest: surfing.

The Gaza Strip is a narrow coastal line between Israel and Egypt with a port where no ships are docked and an airport that is no longer being fooled. Hardly anyone comes out, almost nothing and no one comes in. With their surfboards, the surfers create a little bit of freedom, between the beach and the six-mile border controlled by the Israelis- Freedom, which no one can take from them. The film shows the dreams and hopes of the young people of this border region, in which the older generation gave up all hope.