22.10.2017 – 23.10.2017 | Helsinki

Ecclesia semper reformanda? The Pluralisation of Protestantism and the anniversary of the Reformation 2017

Lecture Programme of the German Federal Government: Andrea Strübind

Nina Strehl (CC0 1.0), via unsplash

From 22 October the exhibition 'Here I Stand' shows the impacts of the reformation on politics, civil society and culture at Helsinki Cathedral. As Martin Luther laid the cornerstone for the German language by the translation of the Bible his follower Mikael Agricola shaped the language in Finland and he is considered father of the Finnish literary language.

Prof Dr Andrea Strübind teaches Church History at the university in Oldenburg. Her research emphases in the history of reformation, church contemporary history, the investigation of the civil rights movement in the USA and the history and importance of ecumenism in the 20the century. 

The lecture is organised by the German Embassy in Helsinki and the parish of the Helsinik Cathedral

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