Switzerland Foreign Cultural Policy

"Presence Switzerland" is a department within the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, responsible for Switzerland’s image abroad. Founded in 2001 as a decentralised administrative unit, it was later incorporated into the Department’s General Secretariat. In 2012, it was merged with the Zentrum für Kulturaussenpolitik (Cultural Foreign Policy Centre). Presence Switzerland is organised in three sections: "Projects and Delegations" is in charge of projects and offices abroad; "Creation Contents and Events" develops projects and major international events; "Strategy and Communication" is devoted to Switzerland’s image abroad.
DEZA, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and part of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, is in charge of cultural projects in the context of development cooperation.
The Federal Office of Culture is part of the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs. Besides its tasks concerning national cultural policies, it also coordinates the participation of Swiss artists in biennials.
Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council, is charged by the Swiss Confederation to promote artistic creation and cultural mediation in Switzerland; to support the exchange of cultural values between regions of different languages and cultures as well as cultural contacts with other countries through joint projects.

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