Zentrum für Kulturforschung (ZfKf)


The Centre for Cultural Research cooperates closely with comparable, mostly national research and consultancy institutions in over 25 countries on various research projects, bibliographies and comparative statistics. This work is in part subject to special cooperation contracts (e.g. with Russia), institutional relations (e.g. European Council or joint operations of the 'European Institute for Cultural Research'/ERICArts and a number of networks like C.I.R.C.L.E. There are occasional joint research projects and mutual support of comparative studies and publications.


  • empirical stocktaking of the operational and social situation of the creative/cultural professions
  • comparative studies on cultural and media policies (Germany/Europe)
  • study and consultancy projects on cultural infrastructures and the development of cultural policy and life at (inter)national and regional levels
  • empirical user research in the cultural environment and the media
  • educational concepts (administration of culture, new technology and media)
  • applied cultural anthropology and cultural 'north-south dialogue'

Periodical Publications

Kulturforschung (quarterly)


Zentrum für Kulturforschung
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