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1971 Gerd Bucerius, founder of the journal DIE ZEIT, established the charitable ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius. He transferred his own interest and this of his wife Ebelin in politics, sciences and culture to this foundation.

Task assignments of the foundation are:

  • Science and research
  • Education
  • Art and culture

In the year 2000 emerged the first private college of jurisprudence in Germany, the Bucerius Law School.

With the scholarship programme "Settling Into Motion" the foundation is supporting migration research.

The section of education addicts among scholarship system and research founding also the support of pupils of secondary schools.

The foundation wants to do something for maintaining of culture, so e.g. the initiative "Rediscovery of Hamburg Sacred Music". Also the foundation tries to save archives and their collections as well as cultural monuments.

In October 2002 the Bucerius Kunst Forum in Hamburg was established.

ZEIT-Stiftung also supports talents in the section of theatre and music.

On the international level the foundation is commited, too. So it supports journalists and the development of an independent press in East Europe.

Cross-cultural dialogues are the centre of the foundation's international activities. Especially in countries of Middle and East Europe and Israel.

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