Protestant Academies in Germany (EAD)


The 17 Protestant Academies in Germany are run by the regional Protestant church authorities or by associated organisations/associations. Their work is financed by church and public funds, participants' contributions and donations. The Protestant Academies organise meetings, conferences, lectures and projects, for the public as well as for specialists. The scope of subjects ranges from social policy issues, environment issues, natural sciences, medicine, arts, media, psychology to philosophy and of course theology. Conferences, meetings and symposia are usually held under the active attendance of experts and decision-makers bringing their practical experience into the discussion. Further offers provided by the Protestant Academies comprise study trips and advisory services.

Regarding foreign cultural policy the following aspects rank among the Academies' objects of priority:

  • Protestant Academies work within the framework of a multi-cultural society, particularly addressing questions surrounding intercultural and interreligious topics
  • Protestant Academies operate on a European and international level, focusing particularly on correlations between Global competition and National Social Systems, the relationship between the State, the Economy and civil society as well as the potentials of civil conflict management during civil conflicts.

Organising and carrying through about 2.000 conferences that are currently assembling more than 100.000 participants per year, the Protestant Academies count among the large actors in the German civil society. In its more than 60year-long history the Protestant Academies have won the confidence of many decision-makers in the field of politics, economics, the sciences as well as of numerous NGOs.

Periodical Publications

  • Every event of the academies can be found on
  • Publications on current subjects of priority or conference topics are accesible via the Protestant Academies' Homepage, see under heading 'publications'.
Protestant Academies in Germany (EAD)


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