Initiative Musik


The Initiative Musik gGmbH is a funding agency set up by the German federal government to promote the music industry in Germany. It is supported by the German Collecting Society for Performance Rights (GVL) and the German Music Council. Financial support is provided by the GVL, the German Music Author’s Society (GEMA) and the GEMA Foundation.

The core field of support is geared toward contemporary music, particularly Rock, Pop, and Jazz.


  • Promotion of young musical talent
  • Integration of individuals with an immigrant background
  • Dissemination of German music abroad


  • Advising applicants
  • Administering, processing, and reviewing applications for support
  • Initiating and executing its own projects
  • Building and maintaining networks and collaborations that strengthen the music industry
Initiative Musik


Initiative Musik gGmbH
Friedrichstraße 122
10117 Berlin
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