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The archives aim is to collect, catalogue and process all kinds of documents connected with modern German literature (from 1750 up to the present day). The results of this work are publicised through exhibitions at the Museum and comprehensive catalogues. The archive also makes the information available to scientists and others interested in scientific publications. In addition, the institutions have a document centre which collects press clips, theatre programmes and flyers, scripts of radio and television broadcasts, sound and image carriers (storage media). The collection also includes auction, autograph and second-hand-books catalogues, publishers' catalogues and promotion material. Literary/linguistic and scientific journals as well as 50 foreign papers are processed and analysed with special digital programmes (also retrospectively). The picture archive holds approx. 220,000 items, a priceless fund of illustrative mate-rial and also objects related to German history of literature from the mid-18th century to the present. Apart from the art and photograph collections, this department also administers large collections of historic book covers, posters and musical notations.

Activities in the field of foreign cultural policy:

  • expert advising and supporting of foreign scientists who spend longer study periods at the German Literature Archive. Accommodation and opportunities to meet other experts are provided in the Collegienhaus. Highly specialised post-graduate study projects may be subsidised by a 'Marbach Fellowship'
  • exhibitions conceived for Marbach then tour other countries, as was the case for the ones on Hermann Hesse, Alfred Döblin and Gottfried Benn
  • exchange of publications with other literary institutions
  • correspondence with German-speaking writers living abroad
German Literature Archive Marbach


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