German Historical Institute Rome (GHI Rome)


The German Historical Institute in Rome, known in German as Deutsches Historisches Institut in Rome is an independent research institute mandated by the Max Weber Foundation – German Institutes of Humanities Abroad. The GHI Rome’s key research field is the history of Italy and Germany from the early Middle Ages to the present day. Special attention is given to the German-Italian bilateral relations embedded in a wider European scheme. Through its publications and events, the GHI Rome provides German and Italian scientists in particular with a platform for academic exchange.

Research of the GHI Rome’s music history department is dedicated to the historic relationship between German and Italian music, including its historic origins and importance in Europe.

Subject priorities:

  • Indexing and exploration of content in Italian libraries and archives, in particular the Vatican Secret Archives and the Vatican Library
  • Realization of conferences, colloquia and public lectures
  • Assistance to professors, students and academic institutions in research projects
  • Cooperation with Italian academics


  • Conceding internships and PhD scholarships to bring forward young scholars
  • Publishing a periodical (containing English abstracts), several serial publications in German and Italian, source editions and further publications
  • Organization of both a history and a music history Rome course focusing on varying academic topics of the GHI Rome
  • Extension and maintenance of the Historic Library containing about 171.00 volumes and subscribing to 667 current journals
  • Extension and maintenance of the Music History Library with approximately 57.000 volumes and 440 current journals
  • Granting "A month in Rome" annually to a scientist of international reputation

Periodical Publications

German Historical Institute Rome (GHI Rome)


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