German Cultural Council


The Deutscher Kulturrat e.V. (German Cultural Council) has been founded in 1981 as an independent working group of cultural and media policy organisations working on a nationwide level. In 1995 the working group was transformed into a registered non-profit association providing a more durable and flexible form of organisation. Meanwhile the Deutscher Kulturrat e.V. is the recognized umbrella organisation of more than 200 cultural associations in Germany. Thus the Deutscher Kulturrat e.V. provides the first contact point to the German Federal States, the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the European Union on all cultural policy issues of national relevance. According to their main focus of cultural activities the cultural associations assigned to the Deutscher Kulturrat e.V. divide into eight main sections (Homepages in German):

The Deutscher Kulturrat e.V.'s main objective is to promote discussion of cultural policy issues of national concern – that is affecting more than one cultural section on a nationwide level – on all levels of political decision making.

Periodical publications

  • Politik & Kultur (politics and culture, published bimonthly; available as print- and online edition, in German)

supplementary insertions to Politik & Kultur


Deutscher Kulturrat e.V.
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Fax: +49 (0)30 226 05 28 -11 (website in German)