German-Arabic Amicable Association (DAFG)


The German-Arab Friendship Association (DAFG) advocates understanding, trust and co-operation between Germany and the Arab World. The association cooperates in a wide range of fields, namely "Politics", "Business & Economics", "Culture, Science & Education" and "Media & Communication". This ensures that people from very different fields contribute enthusiastically to the DAFG and its objectives.

Its main aim is to deepen the German-Arab relations. Lecture series as "Arab States in Transformation", "Economy in Focus" or "Ex Oriente Lux – Europe and the Arab World" focus on the social developments in the Arab States and addresses different aspects of the current and historical exchange between Europe and the Arab World. This contributes to reduce general prejudices and to build up a trustful relationship on a long-term basis. The DAFG understands itself as a platform of the German-Arab exchange and establishes contact and organizes events in close cooperation with associations, initiatives, foundations, bilateral societies and institutions.

DAFG`s fields of work:

  • Politics
    The DAFG promotes political exchange between Germany and the Arab countries through open dialogue and peaceful communication. It is the mission of the DAFG to deepen the mutual understanding between Germany and the Arab countries on the level of state, politics and society as well as to discuss political topics and prospects. The DAFG closely collaborates with the Arab ambassadors in Berlin and all German and Arab parties and institutions dedicated to the peaceful development of German-Arab relations. The DAFG does not act as stakeholder or party in any kind of political conflict.
  • Business & Economics
    The DAFG considers itself as a link between politics and economy in Germany and the Arab countries. It organizes appropriate events with the aim to provide information in economic development such as financial systems and funding opportunities with a particular focus on the system of Islamic finance. The German-Arab Friendship Association (DAFG) plans and organizes delegations for German companies to Arab countries. Furthermore the DAFG assists in the preparation and realization of visits of Arab delegations to Germany and supports the German economy in the initiation and cultivation of contacts with the Arab world. Therefore the DAFG puts an emphasis on the organization of investment conferences, where high-ranking representatives can present investment opportunities in their Arab home countries and direct contacts can be established.
  • Culture, Science & Education
    Those who wish to prevent conflicts between cultures must recognize cultural similarities and show an interest in cultural differences. The DAFG promotes exchanges in the fields of culture, science and education by organizing events, meetings, trips and exchange programs. It builds on the growing willingness of all sides to engage in cultural exchange in addition to fostering economic and political relations. Furthermore the DAFG sees huge development opportunities in the field of science and education.
  • Media & Communication
    To develop and strengthen relations between Germany and the Arab world it is necessary to meet on a personal level as well as establishing effective channels of communication. The DAFG builds networks between numerous actors in the field of German-Arab relations. With a continuous work in the fields of print media, radio, television and web the DAFG seeks to make its methods and objectives transparent and accessible to the public. The German-Arab Friendship Association (DAFG) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that strives to be transparent in all its dealings. It offers its members a wide variety of opportunities to get involved in various activities.
German-Arabic Amicable Association (DAFG)


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