FWU Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht, gemeinnützige GmbH


Production and marketing of audio-visual media, software and multimedia programmes for schools and other educational institutions:

The Institute for Film and Image in Science and Education is the media institute of all the federal states together and Germany's leading producer of media used at schools and in further education. Every year, the Institute produces about 130 new titles. Its range includes didactic DVDs, interactive multimedia software, CD-ROMs and nationwide video curricula for all grades and types of schools. The digital material is accompanied by additional information to assist teachers in designing their lessons.

Competence Centre for technical and pedagogic/didactic development, advice and information:

  • The Institute develops and supports current media-didactic concepts for schools as well as other educational and cultural programmes. It also carries out pilot analyses of media-didactic questions at national and international level.
  • The Institute attributes particular value to giving independent advice and information on all technical and pedagogical questions.
  • It therefore engages in innovative projects funded by the federal states, the German government or by the EU. The Institute acts as co-ordinator for the BLK funding programme 'Semik'; is the OECD contact office and also the steering group of the European school network EUN.
  • The Institute co-operates closely with the regional picture and media archives (Landesbildstellen) as well as with local archives involved in putting didactic material and media at the disposal of educators and in assisting them in developing their own specified concepts.
FWU Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht, gemeinnützige GmbH


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