Foundation West-Eastern Meeting


The Foundation was established in 2004 by a Saarland entrepreneur Dr. jur. Kurt Linster (Doctor of Laws). During his numerous business travels abroad Dr. Linster had met with many fellow Germans and so he got to know their endeavour to preserve the German language and culture.

Promoting of the German language and culture abroad is the central Foundation’s mission. This can only be realized through well directed supporting of German communities spread throughout the world which are important ambassadors of German language and culture. Because they are acknowledging their German heritage they are a significant bond bridge between Germany and their home states not only in the cultural but also in the business area.

Given that they are often dependent on themselves they require assistance and encouragement. The Foundation aims therefore at promoting measures helping the preservation of German culture and language and serving the international understanding.

The Foundation’s purpose shall particularly be implemented by following measures:

  • patronage of German schools and kindergartens abroad
  • promoting of German institutions for education, culture, sciences and research
  • granting of scholarships for pupils, students and young professionals
  • realisation of congresses and other events serving the foundation's purpose
  • funding of German-language media abroad and their cultural projects
  • funding of student exchange and educational exchange programmes
  • social and humanitarian support of German emigrants in need
Foundation West-Eastern Meeting


Stiftung Verbundenheit mit den Deutschen im Ausland
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