Foundation Genshagen


The Foundation Genshagen aims to foster the dialogue in policy, economy, science and culture between representatives of the civil society and responsibilities in state and policy as well as to intensify the international understanding and cooperation between France, Poland and Germany.

In cooperation with internal and external partners it organises meetings and seminars as well as culture and youth projects concerning issues and problems of the European unification process in the field:

  • policy and society
  • education and integration
  • media and journalism
  • student and youth exchange
  • art and culture

With its activities the Foundation Genshagen contributes to animate the process of opinion making and to cooperate for the political decision making.

Periodical Publications

Foundation Genshagen


Stiftung Genshagen
Berlin-Brandenburgisches Institut
für Deutsch-Französische Zusammenarbeit in Europa
Im Schloss
14974 Genshagen
Phone: +49 (0)3378 805 931
Fax: +49 (0)3378 870 013
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