Foundation for the German-French Cultural Cooperation


The Foundation for the German-French Cultural Cooperation was established 1989 as legal entity of the German-French Cultural Council. It has the objective to foster the cultural relations between Germany and France, to support the German-French Cultural Council as well as to enhance the cross-border cultural work via the connection of knowledge about the cultural scene and the administration structures in the neighbouring country.

The duties of the foundation are:

  • participation in the transformation of project suggestions of the German-French Cultural Council
  • initiation and realisation of cultural projects in the region Saar – Lor – Lux and nationwide,
  • procuring third-party funds for German-French cultural projects,
  • promotion of cooperation with universities and colleges of higher education in the cultural field,
  • promotion of cooperation between culture bearer and culture workers

Periodical Publications

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Foundation for the German-French Cultural Cooperation


Stiftung für die deutsch-französische kulturelle Zusammenarbeit
Heuduckstr. 1
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