Federal Press Office


The Press and Information Office of the Federal Government is the press office of the Chancellor and organises the press and public relations of the head of government.

It has the duty

  • On the one hand to inform the citizens as well as the media about measures, laws, strategies and background of the government’s politic. This occurs through press conferences, via internet as well as symposia and the editing of various publications and brochures.
  • On the other hand the Office informs the Federal Government about the news in Germany and the world.
  • Another function of the Federal Press Office is to inform foreign governments, media, individual journalists and institutions about the policy of the Federal Government and about developments in Germany. This is done in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry, the agencies for German foreign cultural relations, the radio Deutsche Welle and German business and industry.

Respective activities:

  • visitor programmes for 1,500 foreign guests every year in Germany, organised by the Goethe Institute
  • promotion of conferences and seminars on German politics for foreign multiplicators
  • programmes of lectures, organised by the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa), informing high-ranking foreign politicians, scientists, industrialists, and representatives of professional associations and federations about Germany
  • individual service for the 800 foreign correspondents accredited in Germany.

Periodical Publications

Federal Press Office


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