Federal Agency for Civic Education


The Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) supports all citizens in their interest for politics and political issues. Main objectives are the furtherance of a deeper insight and comprehension of political interrelations, the strengthening of an increased awareness of democratic values and institutions as well as the encouragement of active political participation.

The bpb conducts its work in full self-responsibility with regards to media and pedagogic contents. The bpb is an independent, non-party institute. It is integrated into a nationwide network of Federal Agencies for Political Education, public educational institutions and bodies responsible for public education.

The bpb publishes

  • booklets, publications, audio-visual and online-products


  • conferences, congresses, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, cultural events

and organises

  • study journeys, competitions, cinema workshops and advanced training for journalists

The bpb provides special teaching material to teaching staff members as well as professionals in the field of education and youth work. Its particular concern is to address young persons and young adults directly by age-appropriate topics and pedagogical conditioned media. For young members of sports clubs, young recruits of the German Federal Armed Forces and young apprentices of the German Police Force the bpb compiles special pedagogical material and organises advanced training courses.

Because of the historical experiences with dictatorial forms of government in Germany the Federal Republic of Germany bears a particular responsibility in strengthening democratic values, pluralism and tolerance in the consciousness of its citizens.

By the wide variety of learning opportunities in the field of political education the bpb wants to enable citizens to deal with political and societal questions in a critical way and to take responsibility for an active participation in political life and society. Moreover as a public education institution the bpb supports activities of more than 300 education institutions, foundations and NGO’s, that are working in the field of political education.

Federal Agency for Civic Education


Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
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