Europäisches Hochschulinstitut (EHI), European University Institute


The European University Institute was established to contribute to the devel-opment of Europe’s cultural and academic heritage.

In particular, the EHI promotes academic/scholarly work of special significance to the building of European unity in diversity, especially in the fields of:

  • culture
  • history
  • the legal professions
  • business
  • industry

The EHI is entitled to grant PhDs to its research scholars, on condition that they have completed their university studies (with graduation), are able to provide proof of suitability for doing research work and are adequately proficient in both languages. Applicants are admitted for an initial period of one year. They need three years to acquire a PhD. Scholarships are granted via the DAAD.

More than 350 scholars from all the EU countries come to Florence every year.

Periodical Publications

Europäisches Hochschulinstitut (EHI), European University Institute


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