Deutsches Historisches Institut Paris (DHI Paris)


The German Historical Institute Paris (GHIP) is an independent research institute, part of the Max Weber Foundation – German Institutes of Humanities Abroad. The DHIP carries out research on German-French and Western-European history. It publishes the latest research results in the form of scientific events and publications and provides German and French historians a platform for scientific exchange.


  • carrying out research on German-French and Western-European history
  • supporting French and Western-European historians doing research on German history, as well as the work of German historians on French and Western-European history
  • promoting co-operation between historical sciences in France and Germany


  • providing a reference library comprising 110.000 media units and about 420 periodicals
  • organising colloquia, lectures, panel discussions and other events
  • organising and carrying through of summer-schools and language courses relating to certain fields of science
  • providing rooms and infrastructure to related institutions for carrying out activities in scientific research
  • publication activities pertaining to a periodical, congress proceedings, scientific series, as well as online-publications
  • coordinating the establishment of, an ample platform for book-reviews
  • granting graduate research scholarships and mentoring students doing a period of practical training at the DHIP
  • granting the Karl-Ferdinand-Werner-Fellowship to German researchers doing part of their research work in Parisian libraries and archives

Periodical Publications

The following publications are only available in German:


Deutsches Historisches Institut Paris
Institut historique allemand
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